Is Red Wine with Coke Worth Trying? A Refreshing Twist.

Ever thought about mixing red wine with Coca Cola? It might seem odd but it’s adored worldwide. This mix, known as the Kalimotxo, became popular in Spain in the 1970s. Spain, especially the Basque region, loves mixing wine with soft drinks. The combo is simple: just mix red wine and cola in equal parts.

The Kalimotxo was a hit in Spain, but now it’s known in Eastern Europe too. It’s perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a summer BBQ or a fancy dinner. This mix of wine and cola shows there are drinks for every taste and event.

Curious about this mix of wine and coke? Give it a try at your next gathering. It might just surprise and delight your friends.

What is Red Wine and Coke Called?

Have you ever wondered what the mix of red wine and coke is called? In Spain, this mix is known as Kalimotxo. It’s made of red wine and cola in equal parts. This drink became popular in the Basque Country, mainly because it’s easy to make and find.

In different places, this combo has its own name. In South Africa, it goes by katemba. In Argentina, people call it jesus juice. And in the Czech Republic, it is known as houba.

In the 1970s, Kalimotxo started to get famous, especially in Spain. Now, it’s known all around the world. People enjoy it for its unique taste and connection to different cultures.

Knowing what red wine mixed with coke is called teaches us about a fun and cultural drink. So, if someone asks, just mention Kalimotxo or any other name. Each one tells a different story.

Origins of the Red Wine and Coke Combo

The mix of red wine and Coke, known as “Kalimotxo,” started in Spain. It began in the 1920s, mixing red wine with Coca Cola. This mix soon became part of Spanish culture, especially loved by teens. Learning about its start and why it’s liked globally today is interesting.

The Spanish Kalimotxo

In the Basque Country, the kalimotxo became a hit at a festival in Algorta. Its simple recipe and low price made it very popular. Originally, it was called “roja libre.” But in 1972, at the Puerto Viejo festival, it was renamed kalimotxo. This new name came about because at this fest, people used it to hide the taste of bad red wine. Making it even more fun, its creators mixed their nicknames to get kalimotxo. It’s usually half Coke and half red wine. But, sometimes blackberry liqueur is added.

Global Popularity

From Spain, the kalimotxo drink traveled worldwide. In Eastern and Central Europe, it became a popular cocktail. It’s called by different names in other places, like katemba in South Africa and jote in Chile. This drink is loved because it’s cheap and easy to find. It’s often served with tapas or other foods in Spain. Since its start in Spain, the global interest in red wine with Coke has been huge.

The red wine and Coke mix is known everywhere today. It shows that this combo is more than just something different. It’s now a tradition that brings people together from various parts of the world.

Red Wine with Coke: A Drink for All Seasons

Red wine with Coke, known as Kalimotxo, suits any weather. It’s great for both hot and cold days.

Perfect for Summer

In summer’s heat, adding Coke to red wine is a cool choice. The fizz of Coke mixes well with the wine. This makes a spritzer that’s ideal for the sun.

Imagine sipping this mix by the pool or at a BBQ. It’s cold, a bit sweet, and very refreshing. A fun fact: the classic Kalimotxo uses equal parts red wine and cola.

Enjoying in Winter

In the chill of winter, this mix is still perfect. The intense red wine goes nicely with the Coke’s sweetness and bubbles. It’s a comforting choice, whether you’re indoors or at a party.

Unlike the usual Rum and Coke which is stronger in rum, Kalimotxo has the same amount of wine and cola. This balance makes it perfect for winter.

Red wine with Coke is a true all-season drink. It marries tradition with a new twist. It’s ready for any get-together, any time of year.

red wine mix with coke

Is Coke and Red Wine a Thing?

Have you ever thought about mixing coke and red wine? Interestingly, this mix known as Kalimotxo in Spain has been around since the 1920s. It became popular because it’s easy to make and tastes good. The Kalimotxo is just red wine and cola mixed together in equal parts

Since then, this trend has spread worldwide, known by different names like katemba in South Africa and cátembe in Mozambique. Mixing red wine with coke doesn’t sound like it would work, but it does. It creates a mix of sweet cola and the rich, tart flavour of the wine.

Red wine with coke is now more than an odd idea. It’s a regular sight at Spanish events and get-togethers, often chilled with mint. Wondering what it tastes like? People really enjoy its unique mix of tastes. Many are even tempted to give it a try, thanks to all the good comments.

So, when someone asks if coke and red wine mix well, tell them it’s not just a brief fad. It’s a real part of the drinking scene that’s likely to stick around.

What Does Red Wine and Coke Taste Like?

If you’ve ever wondered, what does red wine and Coke taste like, you’re in for a mix of unique flavours. The blend of red wine and Coke creates something refreshing and recognisable.

Flavour Profiles

The Kalimotxo cocktail from Spain mixes red wine’s strength with cola’s sweetness and fizz. It usually has equal parts Coke and wine. The taste mixes the bold red wine with the sweet kick from Coca-Cola. This creates a drink with a complex yet comforting flavour. It’s a refreshing twist on the usual.

How this cocktail is made can change its taste. You might find it with lime, blackberry liqueur, or even orange soda. These changes make the drink even more interesting, giving it different flavour profiles for everyone.

what does red wine and coke taste like

User Reviews and Opinions

Reviews of the red wine with Coke mix are filled with praise. People enjoy the blend of the deep wine with the cola’s bubbly sweetness. One fan said, “It’s like enjoying the best of both worlds.” It shows up as something people are curious to try and enjoy.

But, not everyone loves it. Some enjoy it carefully, and others love it for the memories it brings back. Most red wine with coke user reviews say it’s a nice change from the usual drinks. Trying it can be a nice surprise, according to those who have tried it.

Can You Mix Red Wine with Coca Cola?

Have you ever thought about mixing red wine with Coke? Yes, you can! It’s called Kalimotxo. This mix comes from the Basque region in Spain, making its debut in the 1970s. All you do is mix red wine and Coke equally to get a tasty, balanced drink

The joy of red wine and cola is how easy it is. You only need 250ml of each, and you’re set in five minutes. This simple recipe gives you two glasses. But, what really matters is the harmony between the wine and cola.

Adding cola to red wine takes away its harshness. It makes the drink smoother. If you use Mexican Coke, its sugar cane sweetness can make it even better. There’s more than one name for this combo, like Calimocho or Coke and wine.

For this mix, pick wines that are fruity. Think Spanish Tempranillo, Argentinian Malbec, or Chilean Carmenere. You can also play with garnishes, like lemon or a cherry, for extra style.

Ever wonder, “Can you mix red wine with Coca Cola?” Turns out, you can, and it’s quite fun. This blend offers a new, exciting way to appreciate traditional drinks with a modern touch.

Best Red Wines to Mix with Coke

Are you looking to try some red wines mixed with Coke? You’re in luck. Whether it’s a dry or a sweet wine, we’ve got you covered. Find out which ones can make your drink more exciting.

Dry vs. Sweet Red Wines

Choosing between dry and sweet red wines matters when mixing with Coke. If you like dry wines, think about Tempranillo or Malbec. In Spain, they use these for making Kalimotxo. This mix is popular because Coke softens their tannins. On the other hand, opt for Grenache or Carmenere if you prefer something sweeter. These pair well with the sweetness of cola.

best red wines to mix with coke

Top Recommendations

Here’s what we recommend for mixing with Coke. Tempranillo is great for its fruity vibe. Malbec goes deeper, fitting perfectly with Coke’s sweet flavour. For a sweeter twist, choose Grenache or Carmenere. They add a fruity punch to your drink. Stick to younger wines. They keep the mix balanced and delicious.

Red Wine with Coke: Healthy or Not?

Looking at red wine with Coke health-wise, you need to think about each one alone and mixed. Red wine has antioxidants that are good for you. But, mixing it with Coke adds a lot of sugar. If you care about calories, knowing how much is in this mix is key. A glass of red wine has about 125 calories. Add a can of Coke, and that’s another 140 calories. So, this mix is high in calories. Consider this when checking its nutrition.

The health side and the background of mixing red wine with Coke are also important. The Kalimotxo drink is known all around the world since the 1980s. It uses young red wines and is liked for its unusual taste. Even though it’s an interesting drink, mixing red wine with Coke a lot can mean you’re taking in too much sugar. This can cause problems if you have it too often.

The mix of red wine and Coke, known as Kalimotxo, was a hit in Spain in the 1980s, showing its cultural importance. But, its cultural status doesn’t change the fact that it has a lot of sugar and calories. So, if you’re into checking nutrition and staying fit, think twice before making this your regular drink. Health-wise, it’s best to choose drinks that are kinder to your body.

To put it all together, drinking red wine with Coke once in a while is not a big issue. Yet, it’s wise to be moderate. Watch the calories and fit it into a balanced diet and lifestyle. Being mindful about health when choosing what to drink is always a good idea. Drink smart and enjoy your drinks wisely.

What Red Wine Goes Best with Coke?

Choosing the right red wine to mix with Coke is key for a great Kalimotxo. We’ll guide you through picking the best wine and avoiding mistakes.

Characteristic Features to Look For

A good choice for mixing with Coke is a wine that’s robust yet slightly fruity. Spanish Tempranillo, Argentinian Malbec, and Chilean Carmenere fit well with the sweet taste of Coke. Look for wines with flavours of berries, cherries, and subtle spices. These notes make the drink both refreshing and complex, like a sangria.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

To avoid a bad mix, stay away from wines that are too tannic or oaky. They might not blend well with the Coke, creating a bitter taste. The trick is to find a balance. This lets the red wine’s unique taste come through without taking over the cocktail. Using real sugar Coke can also improve the taste. It adds a natural sweetness that you might not get with regular Coke.

Red Wine with Diet Coke: A Low-Calorie Alternative

Are you watching your calorie intake but still love red wine and soda? Red wine with Diet Coke is a great choice. It’s a low-calorie mix. A glass of Ruby Port red wine has 185 calories. But, when you add Diet Coke, which is calorie-free, you cut down those calories a lot.

Looking for the right red wine to mix with Coke is key. Pick one with strong, bold taste to match Diet Coke’s mild sweetness. This way, you get a balanced flavour without extra calories. A rum and Diet Coke has 133 calories, while the regular mix has 181. So, choosing Diet Coke is a clever move.

Mixing red wine with Diet Coke lets you enjoy a classy drink guilt-free. Sodas often bring more calories than alcohol. This makes the diet versions appealing. With this mix, you lower your calorie intake but still relish a tasty, complex drink.

Why not try this low-calorie choice at your next get-together? It’s a way to keep your health goals in check. With red wine and Diet Coke, you enjoy both taste and health. Say goodbye to extra calories and hello to a delightful mix!

Final Thoughts: Is Red Wine with Coke Worth Trying?

Combining red wine with Coke creates an interesting drink called Kalimotxo. This mix, using equal parts of both liquids, is simple yet unique. Originating in Spain in the 1970s, it has spread in popularity worldwide.

Kalimotxo tastes similar to a sangria but with cola and mint. It’s a light, flavourful option for many events. Some say it’s like a Cuba Libre but uses wine instead of rum, appealing more to younger tastes in Spain.

This drink is great for summer, parties, and nights out. It uses affordable red wines, so it doesn’t break the bank. You can mix Coca-Cola with any red wine, even budget-friendly ones. This makes it a go-to choice for those watching their budget or calories.

Kalimotxo is not just a trend; it’s a fun and culturally rich choice. It’s easy to make and well-liked by many. So, next time you’re thinking about trying something new, consider a mix of red wine and Coke.

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red wine with coke

Kalimotxo – Red Wine with Coca Cola

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Making a Kalimotxo, the perfect mix of red wine and Coke, is easy. It asks for just a few ingredients. Follow this recipe to experience a new, tasty drink.



  • 1 part red wine (choose an Australian wine like Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Grenache) I normally use Cabernet.
  • 1 part Coca Cola
  • Ice
  • You can also use mint leaves for garnish (optional)


  1. Put ice in a short glass tumbler
  2. Pour red wine and Coca Cola in equal parts into the glass
  3. Stir gently to mix them well
  4. If you like, top it with fresh mint for a great smell and look


To get the best taste from your red wine and Coke, remember a few key points:

  • Always add ice to keep it cold and refreshing.
  • Try different red wines to see which you like best. Spanish and Argentinian wines gives it authenticity, but use a red from any country.
  • If you’re not into Coke, use sweet sparkling water instead.
  • Be gentle when mixing to keep the fizz in the Coca Cola.

These tips make sure your Kalimotxo turns out just right every time. It’s a fun, new take on a classic. Drink responsibly and enjoy!

  • Prep Time: 3 minutes
  • Cuisine: Cocktails


  • Serving Size: 250ml
  • Calories: 160
  • Sugar: 14g
  • Sodium: 15mg
  • Fat: 0
  • Carbohydrates: 16g
  • Protein: <1g

Frequently Asked Questions

Is red wine with Coke worth trying?

Yes, mixing red wine with Coke is worth a shot. It adds a fun twist to drink choices. It can make gatherings more interesting or just be fun to try at home.

What is red wine and Coke called?

The cool mix of red wine and Coke goes by ‘Kalimotxo’. This name comes from Spain and is well-known worldwide.

What are the origins of the red wine and Coke combo?

Kalimotxo came from Spain. It has become a favourite in many places. People from outside Spain also love this mix.

Is red wine with Coke only suitable for summer?

No way! Red wine and Coke are great for summer but work in winter too. It’s a drink for all seasons.

How do you make red wine and Coke?

Making it is easy. Pour red wine halfway in a glass. Then, add Coke until full. Gently stir it. We’ll also talk about the best red wine types soon.

Is Coke and red wine a thing?

It sure is. Kalimotxo, or mixing Coke with red wine, is popular. It’s a unique choice in drinks.

What does red wine and Coke taste like?

This mix is sweet, fizzy, and rich, and it surprises many. People often find it refreshing and tasty.

Can you mix red wine with Coca Cola?

Mixing red wine with Coke is a known and enjoyed practice. It’s becoming a go-to drink for many.

What are the best red wines to mix with Coke?

Both dry and sweet red wines mix well with Coke. It’s mainly up to your preference. Fruitier wines often pair nicely with Coke’s sweetness.

Is red wine with Coke healthy?

It’s important to enjoy this mix in moderation. It has calories and sugar. Keep your health in mind and drink responsibly.

What red wine goes best with Coke?

Fruity red wines with low tannins are ideal. They mix better with the sweetness of Coke. Avoiding heavy, oaky wines is a good idea.

Can you use Diet Coke instead of regular Coke in the mix?

Yes, you can. Diet Coke makes a lower-calorie version of this mix. It’s perfect for those keeping an eye on their calories.

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