Homemade Mint Simple Syrup: Easy & Refreshing

Did you know mint plants in full sun can make 70% more essential oils? This means fresh mint is perfect for homemade syrup. You can easily capture its refreshing taste at home.

Making your own mint simple syrup brings a taste you won’t find in stores. It’s great for cocktails and soft drinks. It adds a refreshing kick to all your drinks.

Creating mint syrup at home lets you adjust the flavour just the way you like it. You also skip the artificial stuff included in many store-bought products. Try this simple recipe to jazz up your drinks in a natural way.

The Magic of Mint Simple Syrup in Your Kitchen

Get ready to explore the magic world of mint simple syrup. It opens new doors in the kitchen. This fresh ingredient makes your food exciting.

What is Mint Simple Syrup?

Mint simple syrup is a sweet, mint-flavoured liquid. Sugar and water are boiled together. Then, mint leaves are added to infuse their flavour. The result is a strong, minty syrup.

Versatile Uses for Mint Syrup

Mint syrup makes everything better. It’s great on fruit salads for a kick. Also, it’s perfect in iced tea or lemonade to cool off. Don’t forget to add it to yoghurt, cakes, or whatever you like. There are so many ways to use it.

Mint syrup is like a magic wand in the kitchen. It turns ordinary food and drinks into something special.

Why Homemade Beats Store-Bought

Making your own mint syrup is better than buying it. You choose what goes in it to avoid bad stuff. Homemade syrup is also fresher and brighter than what you find in shops. Plus, it’s cheaper and you can make it as sweet as you prefer.

Try making a batch of mint simple syrup yourself. It will take your cooking to a new level. From cocktails to sweets, this syrup will show you its magic. Experience it and see the change in your dishes!

Elevate Your Drinks with Fresh Mint Syrup

Minty Cocktail Inspirations

Mint syrup isn’t just for drinks with alcohol. For a mocktail, mix lime juice, mint syrup, and sparkling water. It’s like a Virgin Mojito, perfect for anyone. Or, combine mint syrup with watermelon juice and a bit of lemon for a refreshing cooler.

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mint simple syrup

Homemade Mint Simple Syrup

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Want to make your drinks and desserts tastier? Try this simple mint syrup recipe. It’s quick and fun to make at home


  • 1 cup water
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 cup fresh mint leaves


Here’s how to make your own mint syrup:

  1. Combine water and sugar in a pot. Heat on medium
  2. Stir the mix until the sugar is all gone
  3. Add mint leaves and let it simmer for about 1 minute
  4. Take it off the heat. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Can leave up to 30 minutes for a more intense mint flavour
  5. To remove the mint leaves, Strain the syrup through a fine-mesh sieve into a clean, sterilized glass jar


  • Pick mint leaves that are fresh and smell strong. Don’t use leaves that are old. For a stronger mint taste, crush the leaves gently before adding them
  • Keep your mint syrup in a sealed jar in the fridge. It stays good for two weeks. To make it last longer, put a bit of vodka in it
  • Freeze in ice cube trays for much longer use
  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Cook Time: 25 minutes
  • Category: Syrup
  • Method: Stove
  • Cuisine: Drinks


  • Serving Size: 250ml
  • Calories: 50kcal
  • Sugar: 13g
  • Sodium: 0
  • Fat: 0
  • Saturated Fat: 0
  • Unsaturated Fat: 0
  • Trans Fat: 0
  • Carbohydrates: 13g per tablespoon
  • Fiber: 0
  • Protein: 0
  • Cholesterol: 0

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