Riedel Ultra Decanter Review: Top Choice for Wine?

As avid wine enthusiasts, we recently had the pleasure of completing the Riedel Ultra Decanter Review, which stands out with its classic elegance. It’s been designed with a distinct shape that not only serves as a stunning centrepiece but also optimises the wine drinking experience.

Our time with this decanter showed how it efficiently separates sediment and aerates wine, enhancing the bouquet and flavour.

After testing the decanter, it’s clear that its hand-made crystal design is not just for aesthetics; it serves a functional purpose. Its wide body and elongated neck allow for optimal aeration, which is key for full development of the wine’s flavours. Despite the manual care it requires, the process is straightforward and ensures the longevity and clarity of the crystal.

riedel ultra decanter review
Riedel Ultra Decanter Review: Top Choice for Wine? 3

The decanter is not just a useful tool for wine-lovers but also makes for a thoughtful gift. The craftsmanship is evident, and its capacity is generous, ideal for entertaining or a quiet evening at home. Hand washing is recommended, but the upkeep is a small trade-off for the quality and sophistication it brings.

Bottom Line

The Riedel Ultra Decanter is a top contender for any wine connoisseur looking to amplify their wine experience.

Offering both aesthetic charm and practical functionality, it’s a piece that we find hard to pass up.

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Riedel Ultra Decanter Review

In our experience with the Ultra Decanter from Riedel, we’ve found it strikes a fine balance between functionality and aesthetics. It’s a hand-made crystal piece that certainly stands out as an elegant addition to any home bar or as a thoughtful gift. With a generous 1.2L capacity, it’s ample for a standard bottle of wine, and the 21.27cm height makes it a substantial yet manageable size for table settings.

While using it, we appreciated the classic design that not only helped sediment settle but also aerated the wine effectively, enhancing its bouquet and flavour. The decanter’s wide base and elongated neck aren’t just for show; they serve a key purpose in the decanting process, allowing the wine to breathe more efficiently.

As a premium product made in the European Economic Community, the craftsmanship is evident. However, the elegance comes with a note of caution: hand washing is recommended to maintain its clarity and lustre. We’ve found following the care instructions ensures longevity without losing any of its charm over time.

From a practical standpoint, though lightweight, the decanter feels sturdy in hand. It’s not just a decanter; it’s a statement piece that complements the ritual of wine serving. This dedication to quality is what we’ve come to expect from Riedel, and this piece doesn’t disappoint.

Elegant Handmade Design

Our experience with the Riedel Ultra Decanter was akin to witnessing craftsmanship at its finest. The decanter radiates elegance with its hand-made, fine crystal construction that reflects the attention to detail expected from the esteemed RIEDEL brand. Its classic look isn’t just for show; it serves a practical purpose.

With a shape that encourages full bouquet development and lets sediment settle, it’s a charming addition to any occasion.

The craft that goes into each piece, made within the European Economic Community, adds a level of sophistication to your home bar collection.

While it’s a beautiful item on its own, this piece also makes for a thoughtful gift that exudes taste and an appreciation for the finer things in life. Taking care of this piece is straightforward, but hand washing is recommended to maintain its allure.

Optimal Capacity and Size

We have had the chance to use the Riedel Ultra Decanter on several occasions and its capacity is quite fitting for both personal use and hosting guests. Holding 1.2L comfortably means it can accommodate a standard bottle of wine with ease. Its glass construct is evident in its pristine clarity, which doesn’t diminish its ample volume.

Given its dimensions, it doesn’t require a vast amount of storage space. The decanter’s design radiates a refined aesthetic without being too delicate to handle.

In terms of care, the fact that it is not dishwasher friendly means a bit of extra effort in hand washing is necessary, but this is a small concession for maintaining its classic appeal.

We found it to be a sturdy piece and its weight feels substantial enough to be handled securely without causing undue stress during pouring. It’s clear that RIEDEL has balanced functionality with elegance in this decanter, making it a suitable choice for wine enthusiasts looking for both practicality and style.

Home Bar Collection Essential

When setting up a home bar, having the right equipment is key. We’ve had the pleasure of completing the Riedel Ultra Decanter Review, and it’s a standout piece for both form and function. With its elongated neck and wide body, it’s designed not just to catch the eye, but to enhance the wine’s flavour by allowing sediments to settle and the wine to breathe.

In our experience, the clarity of this decanter showcases the colour of the wine beautifully, while its hand-made construction speaks to a level of craftsmanship that adds a touch of sophistication to any setting.

With a generous capacity, it’s ideal for serving guests or enjoying a personal tasting session.

The Riedel Ultra Single is not only a beautiful addition to any bar; it’s a practical one too. Although it’s recommended to hand wash this piece, we found that upkeep is straightforward, suggesting a careful rinse after use does the job well.

From our time with this product, it’s clear that this decanter will suit both those new to wine appreciation and seasoned connoisseurs seeking a reliable and elegant solution for their home bars.

Crystal Care Instructions

When we’re handling something as refined as the Riedel Ultra Decanter, it’s crucial to treat it with the care it merits. Our experience shows that to preserve its clarity and integrity, a gentle hand wash is the way to go. With its glass material, the Ultra Decanter doesn’t fare well with harsh scrubbing or dishwasher cycles. We’ve found it’s best to use a light touch and some mild detergent to keep it sparkling.

Here are some tips we picked up along the way:

  • Always use lukewarm water; too hot or too cold can shock the glass.
  • A soft cloth or sponge will prevent scratches during cleaning.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners; they can dull the glass’s shine.
  • Dry with a lint-free towel for a streak-free finish.

It’s quite simple, really, and the payoff is a Decanter that stays looking as good as new, ready for your next gathering or quiet evening in. Remember, a little bit of love goes a long way in keeping your Decanter stunning.

Pros and Cons

Having recently had the pleasure of experiencing the Riedel Ultra Decanter, we’re eager to share our thoughts on its practicality and aesthetic appeal. It’s evident from use that this piece isn’t just about looks; it carries functionality that any wine enthusiast can appreciate.


  • Handcrafted Quality: Each decanter is hand-made, making it quite evident that the decanter boasts of exceptional craftsmanship, which we can personally attest to. The feel of the crystal is refined and ensures an elegant pour.
  • Generous Size: With a capacity of over a litre, it effortlessly holds a standard bottle of wine, allowing the wine to breathe and develop its flavours.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: This isn’t just a wine tool; it’s a statement piece. Displaying it as part of our home bar has added a touch of sophistication.
  • Thoughtful Craftsmanship: Being manufactured in the European Economic Community speaks volumes about its build and design quality.
  • Ideal Gift: We’ve noted that it makes an outstanding gift for our friends who are wine lovers – its beauty and practicality don’t go unnoticed.


  • Requires Careful Handling: As with any fine crystal, it demands careful hand washing, which might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this ensures its longevity and beauty are maintained.
  • Delicate to Clean: Its shape, while practical for decanting purpose, poses a bit of a challenge when cleaning. We had to invest in a proper brush for effective cleaning without risking damage.

In summary, the Riedel Ultra Decanter has served us well. It’s not just an object of beauty but a valuable addition to our wine tasting rituals, enhancing both the flavour of the wine and the overall experience.

Customer Reviews

Having spent some time with the Riedel Ultra Decanter, we can share that it’s a well-received product among wine lovers. With an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars from 191 ratings, it clearly stands out for its quality. Users consistently praise its elegance and simplicity, noting that it adds a touch of sophistication to their wine-drinking experience. It’s no surprise that this item has been recommended time and again, particularly for those seeking a stellar gift for a friend or loved one.

Despite its refined appearance, it’s not just all looks—the decanter is practical and not overly heavy, making it comfortable to use during a relaxed evening in or a more formal gathering. However, we noticed that some users mentioned it’s a bit tricky to clean due to its shape. You’ll want to have a cleaning brush on hand for this beauty. Overall, though, it’s the kind of purchase that feels worth the expense, especially given Riedel’s reputation for quality glassware.


After spending some time with the Riedel Ultra Decanter, we’ve found it to be a standout choice for wine enthusiasts. Its elegant design adds a touch of sophistication to any setting, and it truly enhances the wine-drinking experience.

The craftsmanship is exactly what you’d expect from Riedel, combining both beauty and practicality.

We particularly appreciate the lightweight feel, which makes it comfortable to use during our gatherings. While it’s not the easiest to clean, a decanter brush does the trick. Although we were initially sceptical about how much of a difference a decanter could make, this piece has become a cherished item in our cabinet, especially when hosting.

In essence, for anyone who loves wine and values a product that balances form with function, this decanter is a worthy investment. It has resonated well with us and has received considerable praise from everyone who’s used it at our events.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve been fortunate to experience the Riedel Ultra Decanter in action, and it’s time to share insights to common queries from fellow wine lovers. Throughout our tastings, we’ve paid attention to how this decanter works and what sets it apart. Here are our thoughts on the most pressing questions we’ve come across:

How does the Riedel Ultra Decanter enhance the wine tasting experience?

The enhancement is quite notable with the Riedel Ultra Decanter, primarily due to its ability to expose wine to more oxygen. The decanter’s design, including the elongated neck and low, wide body, aids in aerating the wine more effectively. This process opens up the wine’s bouquet and encourages a full development of flavours that might otherwise remain dormant.

Is the Riedel Ultra Decanter considered a good investment for wine enthusiasts?

For those who take their wine seriously, the Riedel Ultra Decanter can be a wise investment. Its hand-made, fine crystal stature speaks of quality and the improvement it brings to the wine tasting experience justifies the expense. Moreover, its 43 3/8 ounces capacity and understated elegance make it a valuable addition to any home bar collection.

Can the Riedel Ultra Decanter be safely cleaned in a dishwasher?

While the brand suggests that Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe and recommends MIELE specifically, they also point towards hand washing as the recommended cleaning method for the Ultra Decanter. It’s best to carefully hand wash this delicate item to maintain its clarity and integrity over time.

What types of wine benefit most from decanting in the Riedel Ultra Decanter?

Full-bodied red wines with complex flavours seem to benefit most from decanting in the Ultra Decanter. These wines often have sediment that settles naturally during the decanting process, while the aeration softens tannins and fully reveals the wine’s character. However, even some white wines can appreciate a gentle decanting to express their aromatic profile more fully.

Are there any specific design features of the Riedel Ultra Decanter that aid in wine aeration?

Yes, the Riedel Ultra Decanter’s specific design features significantly contribute to optimal aeration. Its broad base offers a large surface area for the wine to spread out, promoting maximum oxygen exposure. Also, the transition from the wide body to the narrow opening assists in funneling the aromas, enhancing the sensory experience of the wine before it even reaches our glasses.

Through our tastings and use, we can attest to the thoughtful design and the tangibly improved wine experience with the Riedel Ultra Decanter. Whether it’s enjoying a quiet evening at home or celebrating a special occasion, it has become an indispensable part of our wine rituals.

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